Series Review: Illustrated characters in each of these books represent stories of real children (a short biography and photo of the child is included at the end of each book) who experience different disabilities and types of neurodiversity. Using colorful illustrations, this six-book series gives examples of how kids experience autism, deafness, ADHD, blindness, Down syndrome, and dyslexia. Both challenges and opportunities for how each child encounters and manages their own condition are thoughtfully presented in these books; for example, the book about Zen, who lives with autism, shines light on the sometimes challenging habits and preferences of neurodiverse children but also their strengths and unique talents, like the ability to process information quickly or learn new tasks with ease. Most importantly, the series is told in first person, giving power to each character’s voice and experience and evoking empathy and understanding on the part of the reader. Illustrations reflect racial diversity, translations are accurate, and the dyslexic-friendly font makes this series widely usable and accessible. -VERDICT An essential series for virtually any collection.

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