Cover: The Thanksgiving Cookbook

Series Review: Talk about shelf appeal—these five-recipe cookbooks are unmissable, in ­blazingly bright colors, accompanied by digital animation-style cartoons, and chock-full of sweet treats and gimmicky dishes. Kids can contribute to holiday meals or plan a themed party, from a snack (Pickle Eyeballs, Halloween) to a striking main dish (Fireworks Pizza, Independence Day). An alarming Frito pie/pizza/seven-layer dip hybrid (Gobble Taco Pizza) has the makings of a truly memorable Thanksgiving appetizer. Most recipes rely on assembly and decoration skills, but the heavy use of semi-prepared and premade ingredients such as mixes, crusts, and marshmallow fluff means that results will taste fine regardless of appearance. – VERDICT High-interest recipes for kitchen beginners.

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The Thanksgiving Cookbook
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