World War II: The Full Story

Series of 6 titles
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World War II defined the lives of a generation and shaped the modern world. This new series gives readers an accessible summary of the war and an understanding of what the experience was like for those who lived through it--from the perspective of both soldiers and civilians.

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World War II: The Full Story (6 titles)
Behind the Lines 7.7
Causes and Outbreak 7.7
Home Fronts 7.5
Life in the War 7.6
North Africa and Europe (1940-1945) 7.5
War in the Pacific (1941-1945) 7.6
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Interest Level Grade 5 - Grade 8
Reading Level Grade 5
Copyright 2016
Genre Nonfiction
Publisher Black Rabbit Books
Imprint Brown Bear Books
Series World War II: The Full Story
Language English
ISBN 978BRB0001153, 978BRB0001153B
Title Format Reinforced book, Print + Ebook
Release Date 2015-08-01
Dewey 621.483
Guided Reading Level Y

School Library Journal

“Although titled “The Full Story,” this set is better described as an undistinguished general introduction. Volumes cover the causes; home fronts; military campaigns; air, land and sea wars; and lasting effects of the war, but at 48 pages per book, they provide almost no in-depth coverage of topics or analysis of events. There are no maps to help readers locate the many places mentioned in the text, which uses military jargon and descriptions of tactics without adequate introduction. Very brief sidebars add a few sentences about “key” people, events, themes, and eyewitness accounts. Period photos are generic and below average in quality and reproduction. VERDICT These selections introduce so many topics, people, battles, and events that students are as likely to become confused as informed, and they don’t improve on the many extant titles available about World War II.”


“From the World War II: The Full Story series comes this interesting look at what life was like for both civilians and soldiers throughout both theaters of war. At 48 pages, the book is, of course, only an overview, but it does manage to give young readers a sense of what it was like to have your world turned upside down by war. Among the topics covered are propaganda and morale; civilian life, with an emphasis on children’s lives, as well as how the war was reported and available diversions; the soldier’s life, Including how military people coped with their physical and mental stresses; the effects of a global war; and the end of the war. Fact-filled paragraphs are buttressed by fascinating photographs and archival material. A great adjunct to other books that focus on arms and battles.”