The Decade of the 2000s

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The decade of the 2000s is marked by many indelible images. Among them: black smoke billowing from the World Trade Center's Twin Towers just moments after being struck by airplanes; young people, wearing ear buds, turning the dial on their iPods and listening to their favorite downloaded tunes; traumatized people wandering through scenes of utter devastation on beaches in Thailand and Sri Lanka after a massive tsunami; two robotic rovers crawling along the surface of Mars; and US swimmer Michael Phelps touching the pool wall for his record eighth gold medal in the Beijing Olympics. The Decade of the 2000s series takes a global look back at the many people and events that shaped and defined the decade. A visual chronology highlighting important events of the decade, sidebars on topics of interest as well as opposing perspectives, source notes, a bibliography for further research, and an index provide additional tools for student researchers.

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The Decade of the 2000s (4 titles)
Catastrophic Events of the 2000s
Cultural Milestones of the 2000s
Sports and Entertainment of the 2000s
Terrorism and War of the 2000s
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Interest Level Grade 7 - Grade 12
Reading Level Grade 7
Copyright 2014
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Publisher ReferencePoint Press
Series The Decade of the 2000s
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