Influential Women

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Scientist Marie Curie conducted groundbreaking studies on radiation in the late 1800s and early 1900s. More than a century later, Pakistani teenager Malala Yousafzai overcame cultural obstacles and a bullet to the head to speak out about the need for education for young women. These two women lived in very different times and places but their accomplishments, though not at all similar, have influenced people worldwide. Influential Women examines the lives and achievements of some of the world's most fascinating women. Through their own words, and the words of those who have known or studied them, emerge life stories that are well worth reading about again and again.

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Influential Women (5 titles)
Anne Frank
Hillary Clinton
Malala Yousafzai
Marie Curie
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Interest Level Grade 5 - Grade 11
Reading Level Grade 5
Copyright 2016
Genre Nonfiction
Publisher ReferencePoint Press
Series Influential Women
Language English
ISBN 978RPP0001042, 978RPP0001042B
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Release Date 2016-01-01