Aesop's Fables Remixed

Series of 6 titles
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Aesop's fables are still relevant, even though it can be hard for young people to identify with the tales. This series remixes the fables into modern settings with relatable human characters. We may not be crying "wolf," but lying still leads to mistrust, and these updated stories let kids explore how the morals relate to their lives.

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Aesop's Fables Remixed (6 titles)
Abby Visits the Big City: The City Mouse and the Country Mouse Remixed 2.7
Andrew and the Birthday Surprise: The Boy Who Cried Wolf Remixed 2.2
Henry's Track and Field Day: The Tortoise and the Hare Remixed 2.6
James and the Kindergartener: The Lion and the Mouse Remixed 2.4
Mary, Anna, and the Little Brother: The Lion, the Bear, and the Fox Remixed 2.3
Rosie's Special Gift: The Goose Who Laid the Golden Eggs Remixed 2.4
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Interest Level Grade 1 - Grade 4
Reading Level Grade 1
Copyright 2017
Genre Nonfiction
Publisher Amicus
Imprint Amicus Illustrated
Series Aesop's Fables Remixed
Language English
Number of Pages 24
ISBN 978AMI0001088, 978AMI0001088B
Title Format Reinforced book, Print + Ebook
Release Date 2016-07-01
Dimensions 9.25 x 8.25