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Rapid Reads are short novels and nonfiction books for adult readers. They are intended for a diverse audience, including ESL students, reluctant readers, adults who struggle with literacy and anyone who wants a high-interest quick read.

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Rapid Reads (0 titles)
A Murder for Max
A Winter Kill 3.3
A Woman Scorned
And Everything Nice 4.2
Beethoven's Tenth
Best Girl 3.2
Blood and Belonging
Blue Water Hues
Contingency Plan 4.1
Dirty Work
Disappearing Act
Epic Game
Evil Behind That Door
Fit to Kill 4.4
From Scratch
Haitian Graves
Him Standing
I.O.U. Dead
If It Bleeds
Juba Good
Jumped In
Just Gone
Love and Fear
Love You to Death 4.1
Murder Among the Pines
Murder Below Zero
No Return Address
One Fine Day You're Gonna Die 4.2
Orchestrated Murder 4.2
Playing With Fire
Race Against Time
Search and Rescue
Something Noble 3.3
That Dog Won't Hunt 3.4
The Artful Goddaughter
The B-Team
The Barrio Kings 2.7
The Black Tortoise
The Blue Dragon
The Boardwalk
The Boom Room 4.1
The Bootlegger's Goddaughter
The Fall Guy 4.4
The Goddaughter
The Goddaughter Caper
The Goddaughter's Revenge
The Innocence Device
The Middle Ground
The Next Sure Thing 4.2
The Night Thief
The Second Wife 4.0
The Shadow Killer 4.4
The Spider Bites 3.1
The Thirteenth Rose
The Way It Works 3.1
Tokyo Girl
Valentino Pier
When Blood Lies
When I Kill You 4.1
White Sand Blues
Worst Date Ever
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Interest Level Grade 9 - Grade 11
Reading Level Grade 9
Genre Fiction
Imprint Rapid Reads
Series Rapid Reads
Language English
ISBN 978ORC0001006B
Title Format Print + Ebook
Release Date 2018-08-01