Starting Out

Series of 26 titles
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Celebrating the life, growth, and development of six baby animals, Starting Out narrates the tale of growing up in the wild. This new series employs simple language and a unique first-person perspective to introduce foundational biological concepts as it follows the adorable animal through the start of its young life. The straightforward text and large photos of the animal in its natural environment will both entertain and enlighten as readers learn how the animal's physical features, diet, habitat, and familial relationships play a role in its growth and development.

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Starting Out (26 titles)
Baby Bears 1.3
Baby Elephants 1.3
Baby Koalas 1.3
Baby Lions 1.3
Baby Monkeys 1.0
Baby Penguins 1.2
Starting Out: Baby Dolphins 1.2
Starting Out: Baby Foxes 1.3
Starting Out: Baby Giraffes 1.2
Starting Out: Baby Gorillas 1.5
Starting Out: Baby Kangaroos 1.5
Starting Out: Baby Pandas 1.2
Starting Out: Baby Seals 1.1
Starting Out: Baby Tigers 1.3
Baby Cheetahs 1.3
Baby Flamingos 1.2
Baby Hippopotamuses 1.2
Baby Lemurs 1.1
Baby Meerkats 1.1
Baby Orangutans 1.2
Baby Otters 1.0
Baby Polar Bears 0.9
Baby Red Pandas 1.2
Baby Sea Lions 1.2
Baby Whales 1.1
Baby Zebras 1.2
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Genre Nonfiction
Publisher The Creative Company
Imprint Creative Education
Series Starting Out
Language English
Number of Pages 24
ISBN 978TCC0001118, 978TCC0001118E, 978TCC0001118B
Title Format Reinforced book, Hosted ebook, Print + Ebook
Release Date 2019-01-01
Dimensions 8 x 8