Sleep Disorders

From the Series Compact Research: Diseases and Disorders
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Sleep disorders affect some 70 million Americans, causing many to sleep poorly due to insomnia while others are afflicted with potentially fatal afflictions such as sleep apnea and narcolepsy. Through objective overviews, primary sources, and full-color illustrations this title examines What Are Sleep Disorders? What Causes Sleep Disorders? How Do Sleep Disorders Affect People? Can People Overcome Sleep Disorders?

Interest Level Grade 7 - Grade 12
Reading Level Grade 7
Copyright 2010
Genre Nonfiction
Publisher ReferencePoint Press
Series Compact Research: Diseases and Disorders
Language English
Number of Pages 104
ISBN 9781601520715, 9781601524447, 9781601520715B
Title Format Reinforced book, Hosted ebook, Print + Ebook
Release Date 2010-08-01
Author Hal Marcovitz
Dewey 616.8


With many color photos, famous profiles, and dramatic opinion-based quotes from experts with differing viewpoints, the browsable design will draw readers to these titles in the Compact Research: Diseases and Disorders series, including teens who suffer from the conditions or know someone who does. Far from saccharine, both professionals in the field and individual young people never deny the hardship, and they are realistic about the ongoing daily struggle and the hope of overcoming disability. Diabetes is especially grim at times, with scary terms such as “deadly” and quotes about kidney disease, nerve damage, and blindness, but the essential information includes details of the diabetes food pyramid, the facts about pancreatic cancer and kidney transplants, and especially the call for increased government spending on prevention. In Learning Disabilities, the famous profiles—from the mayor of San Francisco, who struggles with dyslexia, to Helen Keller—show that even if the disability cannot be cured, with the right treatment and attitude, people can achieve success. Everyone will recognize the causes and effects of insomnia discussed in Sleep Disorders; much scarier are the potentially fatal disorders of sleep apnea and narcolepsy. Each title includes extensive, spacious back matter, with bibliographies of books, periodicals, and Internet sites; detailed source notes; and key people and advocacy groups.

School Library Journal

Gr 6 Up Marcovitz’s coverage ranges from insomnia to potential medical conditions that can lead to death, such as sleep apnea and narcolepsy. This book is a comprehensive overview of an often misunderstood subject. Parks explains what learning disabilities are and discusses the causes and overcoming them. The book’s strength is that it explains how learning disabilities differ from other types of disorders. Yuwiler discusses type 1 diabetes and its management, type 2 diabetes and its prevention, metabolic syndrome, and medical advances. In all three books, subtopics are delineated by brightly colored burgundy headings; blocks of orange-colored sidebars with bright-red print and relevant color photos and illustrations appear throughout. Each chapter ends with several pages of primary-source quotes and facts and illustrations that offer greater clarity to the text. Teens will find the overall organization of these succinct and easy-to-read books useful and attractive.

Author: Hal Marcovitz

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