Poisonous Animals

Series of 8 titles
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All of these animals--from the mostly innocent black widow spider to the deadly taipan snake--have one thing in common: they use venom, or poison, for defense. Read about how these poisonous animals survive in their natural habitats and what part they play in the food chains and ecosystems in which they live. The question and answer feature throughout the book promotes reader inquiry, while the list of resources encourages further research and learning.

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Poisonous Animals (8 titles)
Black Widow Spiders 3.0
Blue-Ringed Octopuses 2.8
Box Jellyfish 3.1
Poison Dart Frogs 3.1
Scorpions 3.2
Stingrays 3.0
Stonefish 2.9
Taipans 3.1
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Interest Level Grade 2 - Grade 5
Reading Level Grade 2
Copyright 2016
Genre Nonfiction
Publisher Amicus
Imprint Amicus High Interest
Series Poisonous Animals
Language English
ISBN 978AMI0001049, 978AMI0001049B
Title Format Reinforced book, Print + Ebook
Release Date 2015-08-01

School Library Connection

“This high interest series about poisonous insects, reptiles, and sea creatures provides an entry into beginning research for middle elementary students. Each title includes general information about appearance, habitat and location, food, enemies, poisonous features, and endangered status.The most intriguing information is each animal’s poisonous trait—spines along the back (stonefish), tail barb (stingray), and fangs (taipan). Text tools to help gather information include bolded terms, captions, and attention- grabbing Q&As. Each two-page spread features a full-color photograph of the animal, its environs, and descriptive text. Students liking unusual details about animals will enjoy reading the books to learn how dangerous each animal is to humans. Bibliography. Glossary. Index.Table of Contents.Websites.”—Marion Mueller, Library Media Consultant, Rawhide Starr Academy, New London, Wisconsin Recommended