Amazing Animals (Full Series)

Series of 75 titles
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From the swift peregrine falcon to the tiny blueringed octopus, the world of animals is wonderfully diverse. This popular series travels the planet to study our world's fascinating creatures. Beautiful photos are paired with STEMappropriate text to examine the animal's appearance, habitat, behaviors, and life cycle. Each title also presents a folk story that people have used to help explain a part of the animal's characteristics.

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Amazing Animals (Full Series) (75 titles) New!
Armadillos New! 3.1
Alligators 3.2
Antelopes New! 3.1
Bats 3.0
Beavers New!
Bighorn Sheep New! 3.2
Bison New!
Brown Bears New!
Camels New!
Cheetahs 3.1
Crabs New!
Crocodiles 2.9
Dolphins 3.0
Eagles 3.1
Elephants 3.1
Elk New! 2.9
Falcons New! 3.2
Flamingos New!
Frogs New! 2.8
Geckos New!
Giraffes 2.7
Gorillas 3.2
Hummingbirds New!
Iguanas New! 3.1
Jaguars New!
Jellyfish New! 3.1
Kangaroos 3.1
Killer Whales 3.3
Komodo Dragons New!
Lemurs New! 3.0
Leopards New!
Lions 2.8
Llamas New! 2.9
Manatees New! 3.1
Meerkats New! 3.1
Monkeys 2.7
Moose 3.1
Octopuses New! 3.0
Ostriches New! 3.0
Owls 2.9
Pandas 3.0
Parrots New!
Peacocks New! 3.0
Pelicans New! 3.0
Penguins New!
Polar Bears 2.9
Prairie Dogs New! 3.0
Raccoons New!
Rhinoceroses New!
Seahorses New!
Sea Lions New!
Sea Turtles
Sharks 2.9
Skunks New!
Sloths New!
Snakes 2.9
Snow Leopards
Storks New!
Tigers New!
Tortoises New!
Vultures New!
Walruses New!
Whales New!
Wild Horses New!
Wolves 2.9
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Interest Level Grade 1 - Grade 4
Reading Level Grade 2
Copyright 2023
Genre Nonfiction
Publisher The Creative Company
Imprint Creative Education
Series Amazing Animals
Language English
Number of Pages 24
Title Format Reinforced book, Hosted ebook, Print + Ebook
Release Date 2022-07-15
Author Kate Riggs
Illustrator 0
Dimensions 8.75 x 11

Author: Kate Riggs

Illustrator: 0