Afraid of the Water

Series of 5 titles
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Just when you thought it was safe to go into the water, Bearport Publishing brings you a frightening series about some of the terrifying animals that lurk in the ocean's depths! From the moray eel with its sharp and savage teeth to the Portuguese man-of-war with its incredibly painful stingers, these books will make you think twice about getting into the water. Fascinating information and stunning photographs will keep kids engaged as they learn about the natural habitat, physical characteristics, diets, and behavior of these extremely dangerous--and sometimes deadly--creatures.

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Afraid of the Water (5 titles)
Box Jellyfish: Killer Tentacles 5.1
Moray Eel: Dangerous Teeth 4.7
Portuguese Man-of-War: Floating Misery 4.8
Shark: The Shredder 5.0
Stonefish: Needles of Pain 4.9
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Interest Level Grade 1 - Grade 6
Reading Level Grade 3
Copyright 2010
Genre Nonfiction
Publisher Bearport Publishing
Series Afraid of the Water
Language English
Number of Pages 24
ISBN 9781597169400, 9781597169400E, 9781597169400B
Title Format Reinforced book, Hosted ebook, Print + Ebook
Release Date 2015-01-01
Features Glossary of key words, Table of contents
Dimensions 8 x 10